Rabu, 03 Februari 2016


RED LINE cartridge-operated fire extinguishers are the premium firefighting units preferred 

by safety directors worldwide in high fire-risk industries such as chemical,

petro-chemical, oil and gas, mining, aviation, and power generation. Cartridge-operated 

means increased reliability, on-the-spot recharge, ease of service, and superior 

firefighting performance.

Typical applications include fuel loading racks, heavy construction sites, dip tanks, oil

pumping stations, mining equipment, paint lockers, trucks and buses, fuel storage rooms,


We are pleased to announce that the ANSUL K-GUARD Fire Extinguisher is now 2-A: K rated

Choose ANSUL K-GUARD as your preferred restaurant fire 

extinguisher and meet NFPA 10 

solid fuel cooking requirements for a firebox size of 5 ft3 or 

less.  This upgraded 2-A rating 


means compliance with NFPA 10 fire extinguisher size and 

placement for Class A Hazards 

Jetfan 70 MK3 Water Driven

The Jetfan 70 Mark III offers high performance gas feeing within a remarkably small but robust unit. Many years of fan design technology have enabled us to incorporate the very best features for efficient and effective gas freeing operations. Crucial to achieving minimal gas freeing times is the air flow penetration to the deepest parts of the tank structure. In common with all our Jetfan units, the Jetfan 70 Mark III directs the air as a column to the tanks bottom ensuring a more effective displacement of the gaseous atmosphere. Normally used as a ‘blowing’ fan the Jetfan 70 Mark III can be easily reversed to enable air ‘extraction’ .The aluminium construction is well suited to the harsh marine environment and will provide many years of reliable service.